Short film scripts wanted

Im looking for a short film script of between 8 and 15 minutes that is of world class standard. It should be easily executable, It can be artistic but the priority is an exceptional story. It can be any genre, i.e. comedy, epic or heart warming, etc. as long is it plays off in the real world and appeals to a broad target audience. Characters should be three-dimensional and the dialogue excellent.
The aim is to use the short film as part of my film-making portfolio and I will buy the script, which is chosen to be produced, from the writer and give writing credit to the writer. Please send me a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you send me your script, synopsis or concept.
Writers may contact me on 0845034839 or send an e-mail to

‘This call is open to anyone as long as your script is of an international level of quality in both character and narrative.’

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